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Her Fated Place

 Author: Jean Andrews  Publisher: The Choir Press  Published: 4 July 2023  ISBN: 1789633869  Pages: 186  Language: English  Dimension: 13.97 x 1.09 x 21.59 cm  Buy on Amazon

Her Fated Place tells the story of Venetia, born into a landed estate in the west of Ireland, the child of estate staff. It traces her experiences as a children’s nursemaid in another gentry house, an ARP warden in the London Blitz, a library clerk in yet another Irish gentry establishment and secretary to an American female academic in post-war Rome. Her experiences lead her to make a significant decision in mid-life, one that could never have been anticipated when, as a very young woman with little education, she left home to go to her first position in domestic service.